About Us

iMS is a product of teconsult® GmbH precision robotics. Teconsult® is already bringing its second product onto the market with iMS. Behind iMS is the core competence of the robotics specialist in the field of robot measurement technology with the aim of ensuring process security for all aspects of industrial robots.

Dieter Ladegast, Jochen Bargfrede and Hartmut Lindner, the founders of teconsult®, have decades of well-founded know-how, especially in the field of robot kinematics. In addition to the development of innovative measurement technology and software development, especially in robotics, they are involved in the conception and implementation of sophisticated robot applications.

With iMS, the know-how of the robotics specialists comes together into a product with the aim of meeting the needs of future robot systems and production lines.

You can reach us via the following links:

(In this case, you will leave www.ims4robot.com)