About Us

Two companies are behind iMS: preccon Robotics GmbH and teconsult GmbH precision robotics. Preccon® and Teconsult® are launching iMS as their first joint product on the market. The core competences of both companies are behind iMS. Preccon® specialises in the planning and integration of complex automation applications and Teconsult® is a specialist in the field of robot measurement technology with the aim of increasing the accuracy of industrial robots. Teconsult® has in-depth know-how specific to the field of robot kinematics and is involved in the development of innovative measurement technology in software development.

With iMS, the know-how of an integrator and of a measurement technology specialist flow into one product with the aim of meeting the needs of future robot systems and production lines.

The collaboration between the two companies goes beyond product development. With regard to further development, marketing and, of course, support, both companies have an inspiring partnership—where proximity to the customer is important with a view to jointly achieving the best—fast, reliably and professionally!

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(In this case, you will leave www.ims4robot.com)